What is the Taliban? The Quite Authentic Explanation

What is the Taliban 

What is the Taliban? I will keep it simple and easy for your understanding. The Taliban, or the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, is an Islamic fundamentalist organization that aims to replace the secular legal system of Afghanistan with Sharia laws and bring about an Islamic state in the country. 

Led by Mullah Mohammad Omar since 1996, the Taliban have been waging war against the Afghan government as well as international coalition forces since their inception in 1994. 

Now, Afghanistan is under the control of the Taliban and they are working for giving equal opportunities to women in every field of life by following Islamic laws. 

How did they come to power and who are their members? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about what is the Taliban.

What is the Taliban?

Who are the Taliban? The Taliban, or Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, is a group of religious extremists that have been waging war against the United States and coalition forces, and the Afghan Government for many years.

They rose to power following the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 by providing refuge for many Afghans who had lost their homes. 

The Taliban formed a government on September 26th, 1996 after seizing control of Afghanistan from President Burhanuddin Rabbani. Their goal is to create an Islamic state ruled by Sharia law throughout all 36 provinces in Afghanistan. 

Closing Thoughts

The Taliban is a fundamentalist Sunni Islamic extremist organization that formed as a political movement in Afghanistan in 1994. 

They emerged as one of the most powerful groups in Afghan society, seizing control of about 90% of Afghanistan by 2001. Today, the Taliban is working to make Afghanistan a country that follows the rules of Islamic shariah completely.

Many people thought that they are against the work of women but it is not true. When they took control of Afghanistan, they started changing the ideology of people by giving them the opportunity to girls to learn and work in every field of life. 

I hope you have understood what is the Taliban and what is their ideology. You may also want to read about Genghis Khan. For more interesting articles, visit I2P.

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