What Is Bag on Valve Filling?

Bag on Valve Filling
Bag on Valve Filling

Are you planning on venturing into the packaging industry? If you haven’t heard of a bag on valve filling, you might want to learn about it.

Production centers the world over are using the technique alongside other alternatives. It can efficiently boost production.

What is a bag on valve filling, and what is it good for? This guide will help you answer those questions.

Overview of Bag on Valve Filling

Bag on Valve (BoV) filling is a method of packaging compressed gases, such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen, into metal tubes. These are equipped with a trigger spray or valve. BoV packaging has several advantages.

It includes the ability to precisely control the amount of compressed gas that is released and the elimination of traditional propellants. These can create a much cleaner and more efficient dispensing of the gas.

In addition, the bag-on-valve technology provides a much more even distribution of liquid or gas. This is if compared to traditional aerosol containers.

BoV packaging is often used for a variety of products, such as:

  • food and beverage
  • cosmetics
  • pet care
  • household care
  • industrial products
  • consumer products

The bag-on valve technology can also be used to package high-pressure industrial gases, such as propane and butane. BoV packaging provides improved performance characteristics and a cost-effective packaging solution.

BoV Is Considered Safe

Bag-on-valve (BoV) filling is an aseptic filling process used in the food and beverage industry. BoV filling ensures product safety and stability by providing a sterile environment for the product filling process. In BoV filling, the product is filled into a flexible pouch. The products are then placed in a cylindrical container, called the BoV can.

The product is heated and pressurized, then sealed in the pouch with a valve cap. This ensures sterility while allowing the product to remain in liquid form and to be aerosolized.

BoV designs are created with safety in mind, preventing any leakage of the product. All of these features make BoV filling an ideal choice for consumer safety and product stability.

BoV Is Considered Environmentally Friendly

Bag on Valve (BoV) filling is a key technology for the aerosol industry and is seen as an environmentally friendly option for packaging. By using a flexible pouch to store the product and an ejector valve for filling. It creates a sustainable and effective packaging solution.

BoV Filling creates less waste as the containers are lighter and more material-efficient. It doesn’t require a compressor or secondary packaging, leading to fewer air emissions.

Containers are easier to open and don’t require any hazardous propellants or pressurized cans, while still providing the same safety and convenience. In short, Bag on Valve filling streamlines aerosol container packaging while improving environmental performance. You can visit to check out such types of packaging.

Consider Bag on Valve Filling for Your Packaging

Consider Bag on Valve Filling for your packaging to reduce packaging costs, increase efficiency and minimize waste. Bag in Valve filling technology provides a more effective and efficient way of packaging products without leaving an environmental impact.

Considering Bag on Valve Filling for your packaging can result in major economic and environmental cost savings. Contact us today to learn more about Bag on Valve filling technology and how it can benefit your company!

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